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Monthly Report Data Collection

Hi fellow Navigators, My name is Buliah Mae, Lead Navigator for the Hilltown Community Health Centers.  Our three-person team is  currently considering new ways to track our monthly report data and are interested in how other health centers do this. What are the pros and cons? Is the program web based? Is the program customized […]

adding or changing Social Security income in the portal

Hi,   Is anyone else experiencing issues when entering the income/amount in the Social Security section in the assisters’ portal? Every time I tried to enter the amount, the system kicks me out and shows an error message. I’m putting the amount exactly as it shows in the SSA letter. Any suggestions? Thanks   Rocio […]

Document/Verification Processing Inconsistencies

Happy Almost New Year! I’ve noticed that there are some inconsistencies in documents being processed when uploaded to a member’s account.  Some are being processed faster than others.  I remember MH letting us know that processing time was about 15-30 min, but that doesn’t seem to be true for all members.  Does anyone have insight […]

HC Renewals

Over the past few weeks, I’ve experienced problems with incorrect eligibility determinations for members renewing their Health Connector coverage for 2021.  As instructed, I enter any changes to income, check off whether they have filed taxes and reconciled APTC’s for the prior year, answer that they do not have affordable insurance offered through an employer, […]

health connector and safari

It seems that Macs and Safari are incompatible with HIX. There is no information stating this on the HIX website. Members end up baffled and frustrated when they can’t do applications, make payments, etc due to the incompatible browser issue.  Shouldn’t this be made clear so folx don’t lose their minds when this happens?