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Navigator Designation Form (NDF) – When to fill one out

Hi all, Can someone explain to me whether the rules for completing an NDF differ between MassHealth and the Health Connector? My understanding is that each Navigator needs to have their own completed NDF on file for any client they are representing. At the bottom of Page 2 of the NDF form under Can I […]

MassHealth Right & Responsibilities Recording?

Hi all, Something weird has come up twice for staff at our CHC this week.  When helping a patient with a renewal, the customer service rep says they have to play a recording of the MassHealth Rights & Responsibilties.  It takes the rep a few minutes to pull up the recording and then the recording […]

Helping MassHealth Members

Hi Loopers, MassHealth has provided updated guidance on working with MassHealth members post 4/1. To update contact information (address, phone number, email address) members/assisters should call MassHealth CST to make updates to prevent a new eligibility determination from the online system. If you are working with a member that wants to go ahead and be […]

Masshealth Operations Memo on End of MOE

Hi Loopers, MassHealth posted an Eligibility Operations Memo on their approach to the end of continous coverage protections. Here is the memo. Key takeaways: Self-attestation for verifications is no longer accepted. Check out our ‘State Resources’ page for affidavits that are accepted. Waiver of the one-time deductible is no longer available Retroactive coverage for people […]

Extended MassHealth Customer Service Hours Weekend of April 1-2

While waiting on hold I learned from the recording that MassHealth Customer Service will be available Saturday April 1 from 8 am to 4 pm and Sunday April 2 from 8 am to 1 pm. MassHealth is  extending its Customer Service hours this weekend to field calls from people having pharmacy or other problems related […]

Monthly Report Data Collection

Hi fellow Navigators, My name is Buliah Mae, Lead Navigator for the Hilltown Community Health Centers.  Our three-person team is  currently considering new ways to track our monthly report data and are interested in how other health centers do this. What are the pros and cons? Is the program web based? Is the program customized […]