Author: Morgan Eldredge

Exceptionally Long RFI Processing Times

Hello, Now that we are in OE, there is a bit more urgency to having verification documents processed.  We have noticed that some documents uploaded in Sept/Oct are still outstanding.  Cases have been created to process them more quickly, but even that isn’t happening.  Does anyone have insight on what is happening behind the scenes […]

Document/Verification Processing Inconsistencies

Happy Almost New Year! I’ve noticed that there are some inconsistencies in documents being processed when uploaded to a member’s account.  Some are being processed faster than others.  I remember MH letting us know that processing time was about 15-30 min, but that doesn’t seem to be true for all members.  Does anyone have insight […]

Mahealth Customer Service NDF issue

Spoke with HC Assister Line that had no problem finding an NDF and helped me right away.  Was told that they were unable to see what Mahealth needs and would need to call them.  Call Mahealth and Customer Service cannot find the NDF and I’m being told that because they don’t have the same system […]

MaHealth Customer Service Issues

Hi All! Anyone else having issues with Mahealth customer service representatives?  Today…I’ve been argued with about income and how to put it in the application and because of our differences he refused to process the documents and my client has been without coverage for ONE MONTH! Also, hung up on a few times and the one […]