Author: Luz Rosa

Lossing Premium Tax Credits Based on paystubs amount??

Hello !   Has anyone encountered any patients coming with health connector letters with a higher premium about due to losing tax credits  and when calling the health connector told that if client gets paid weekly the health connector will need 4  recent paystubs or bi weekly two paystubs if not they will lose the […]

FallonHealth Connector Care Types Issues need help!

Good Afternoon, is anyone or had anyone experience when enrolling a patient into the FallonHealth ConnectorCare and if the patient has their PCP at a community health center since the only FallonHealth Connectorcare type they only offer is Community Care in which you will not know it is community care until the patient receives their […]

Where to find help for people comming from Puerto Rico?

Good Morning, As may you may be experiencing high call volumes of new applicants from Puerto Rico trying to apply for masshealth, these people are moving here with relatives , need medications , doctor visits and more. The state of Florida is overwhelmed with this situation, is there a place where we can send them to […]