Author: Sarah Kuh

Out of state ER bill

I have a client who had a medical emergency in Maine last year. She has gone back and forth between MassHealth and the hospital in Maine. MassHealth states that unless the hospital is enrolled as a MassHealth provider, they won’t pay the claim. The hospital states that they “will not” enroll as a MassHealth provider […]

health connector and safari

It seems that Macs and Safari are incompatible with HIX. There is no information stating this on the HIX website. Members end up baffled and frustrated when they can’t do applications, make payments, etc due to the incompatible browser issue.  Shouldn’t this be made clear so folx don’t lose their minds when this happens?

Alarming letter

Allways Health Partners is mailing a letter to ConnectorCare members with the headline “This is your termination of coverage notice”.  It states “Dear So & So: We have been notified that your current Allways Health Partners contract has been or will be terminated for the following member on the Termination Date specified below” : 12/31/2019. I […]