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MH renewals Q&A doc: Who gets HSN when losing MH coverage

Hi all, MassHealth published a transcript of the Q&A from webinar about 2023 renewals and I want to ask your thoughts about the answer to the final question about HSN eligibility after losing MassHealth. Doc is located here: Doc is located here  Question: “Some members will lose coverage due to ineligibility and will enroll in […]

23,000 MassHealth Households Reselected for Renewals in June & July 2023 – Email from MA

I just read the email that was sent to us regarding:  23,000 MassHealth Households Reselected for Renewals in June & July 2023… Does this mean that members who may have received a blue envelope, need to do it again?   I have been telling members they only need to do it once.   I am thinking they […]

Navigator Designation Form (NDF) – When to fill one out

Hi all, Can someone explain to me whether the rules for completing an NDF differ between MassHealth and the Health Connector? My understanding is that each Navigator needs to have their own completed NDF on file for any client they are representing. At the bottom of Page 2 of the NDF form under Can I […]

MassHealth Policy Updates to Support Return to Normal Business Operations (April 1, 2023 – March 31, 2024)

Hello Loopers, MassHealth posted an Eligibility Operations Memo regarding their policy updates returning to normal business operations. As of April 1, MassHealth is redetermining all members to ensure that they still qualify for their current benefits. Whenever possible, MassHealth will automatically process a member’s renewal by matching their information against state and federal data. If […]

Helping MassHealth Members

Hi Loopers, MassHealth has provided updated guidance on working with MassHealth members post 4/1. To update contact information (address, phone number, email address) members/assisters should call MassHealth CST to make updates to prevent a new eligibility determination from the online system. If you are working with a member that wants to go ahead and be […]

Masshealth Operations Memo on End of MOE

Hi Loopers, MassHealth posted an Eligibility Operations Memo on their approach to the end of continous coverage protections. Here is the memo. Key takeaways: Self-attestation for verifications is no longer accepted. Check out our ‘State Resources’ page for affidavits that are accepted. Waiver of the one-time deductible is no longer available Retroactive coverage for people […]