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Medicare + MassHealth for inpatient substance use treatment

Hi, I have a client who has SSI and Medicare, with MassHealth Standard as secondary coverage. She is having trouble accessing a 28-day inpatient substance use disorder treatment program because she was told that Medicare does not cover the program and she can’t use the MassHealth…? If you have any insight or information I would […]

Limitation to the Coverage Determination due to PHE

Although the PHE continues, the Mass Health public notice indicates that the coverage extension will be allowed for most clients, not all. I’ve already had three clients who received a notice from Mass Health indicating they need to reapply for coverage because they are turning 65 and need to submit a SACA.

PCA Webinar for Advocates -May 4, 2022 10 am

PCA Training for Advocates:  May 4, 10:00-11:30am We hope that you’ll come to (and spread the word about) our Personal Care Attendant (PCA) Training for Advocates! This training will cover the basics of MassHealth’s PCA program, which is unique in its structure and operation; and how to help consumers appeal decisions regarding their PCA hours with the Board of Hearings, one of the most common types of MassHealth […]