Author: Anne Steben

HC Renewals

Over the past few weeks, I’ve experienced problems with incorrect eligibility determinations for members renewing their Health Connector coverage for 2021.  As instructed, I enter any changes to income, check off whether they have filed taxes and reconciled APTC’s for the prior year, answer that they do not have affordable insurance offered through an employer, […]


Does anyone know the Mass Health Regulation number and specific wording that states that Massachusetts hospitals are not permitted to bill a Mass Health Health Safety Net Full current member, even if they were not eligible or only had HSN Partial on the date of service?  I have a few members who are now eligible for […]


Hello, I have a member who applied in early August, and was approved for a Connector Care Plan.  She enrolled and paid her first month’s premium Aug. 8th.  Last week she called me to say that her employer informed her she now has enough hours to enroll in their insurance plan.  They enrolled her retroactive […]

Mass Health Protection

On 6/3/16 I did a renewal for a member.  She and her daughter were both on Mass Health Standard until that point.  She received more hours and a raise at her job, which bumped her over the 138% FPL, and it offered her a Connector Care Type 2B plan.  She enrolled, but when she went […]


I called MH on a patient who is Federally disabled, receiving SSDI and Medicare, for whom I did a new application for Mass Health.  He provided all proofs requested, plus a “Working Disabled” letter, which I faxed to Mass Health.  The rep I spoke with stated anytime a patient states on the application that they […]


Hello Loopers, Last week in our MTF quarterly meeting, someone shared that there are instructions on “In The Loop” for getting into a locked account with an invitation code emailed to us or the member by Customer Service when calling about a locked account because the member forgot user name/password/or security answers.  I cannot seem […]