Author: Julie Jones

Lost Green Card

Hi all, We have a patient who MassHealth was unable to electronically confirm his immigration status so he was only given MassHealth Limited.  The patient says he had a Green Card, but misplaced it years ago.  He does have papers from US Immigration and Customs Enforcement from 2019 – it’s an Order of Supervision I-220B.  […]

COVID+ Ambulance – MassHealth Limited

Hi all, Wanting to clarify, would MassHealth cover a non-emergency ambulance ride for a COVID+ patient?  I know that they released separate billing codes for COVID+ patients and those with CarePlus or Standard are having these rides covered, but I can’t seem to figure out if folks who only have Limited could also have their […]

Pharmacy Copays

Hello, Can anyone clarify the rules around the pharmacy copays?  If a patient has only MassHealth, we have had no issues having their copay waived for inability to pay.  But when a patient has Medicare and MassHealth, the pharmacy is saying that they do not have to follow this rule since the person has Medicare […]