Author: Jason Cuddihy

Over 65/Ongoing Unit

I know this has been raised several times during the past two Assister conference calls, but the inability to directly reach the Over 65/Ongoing unit at the Enrollment Center is incredibly frustrating. The IVR is routing all calls to Customer Service, and CST cannot directly assist with eligibility related issues. Having to call the Intake Unit or the […]

HIX & Caretaker Relatives (65+)

I wanted to make sure that everyone is aware that caretaker relatives who are 65 or older that apply through HIX and qualify for MassHealth Standard are not automatically also receiving the Medicare Buy-In. In order to make sure the applicant receives that benefit, you have to call the MassHealth Enrollment Center and have them manually correct the determination on […]

Temporary HSN & EVS Issue

I wanted to make sure folks were aware of the following issue since neither MassHealth/HSN has published information about it (but the HSN helpdesk has confirmed it). There is currently a systems issue affecting the tracking of temporary HSN eligibility in EVS. Specifically, when a ConnectorCare eligible individual’s 100 days of temporary HSN has expired, EVS may still display […]

Fax Issues?

Has anyone else been experiencing fax issues to the EDMC or CPU fax # over the past two weeks? I’m trying to diagnose whether our problem is just internal or whether there’s an issue on MH’s end as well. If everything is good on your end, please let me know.

MassHealth Plan Selection

I haven’t seen MassHealth publish this information to the Assister community yet (it was provided to the MCO/ACOs on 10/26/17), but just so everyone is aware, MassHealth assignment logic is no longer allowing members to enroll into MCOs that are being sunsetted on 02/28/2018 (i.e. Celticare, HNE, Fallon, and Neighborhood Health). Members can only select from the non-sunsetting […]