Author: Carolina Kenny

fax still down? any alternate numbers we can use?

 have been trying to submit verification documents to (857) 323-8300 for two days now and the fax transmission sheets return with error messages. When I call the fax line it gives me a busy message which indicated the fax is not active. HELP!!! Clients are going to be upset when they find out their verification […]

A Masshealth Outreach Coordinator asking for assitance for an over 65yo app

Dear all, I am requesting for any of the Worcester area CACs or NAVs to get in touch with this MassHealth person. I have never received a request like this from someone in Masshealth before, and it is a bit strange to me that they would not know where to direct a client considering it […]

People who want to keep BMC in western mass…

I have a client who submitted an on-line app. and was determined eligible for Ambetter Celticare and HNE Silver A. My client is at the 178% FPL and should be eligible to choose BMC as a ConnectorCare plan 2B option, but it is not offered to her…We have made calls to HC but been unsuccessful. […]

Premiums/Old coverage end date vs new coverage start date

For people who are paying premiums now, have to submit a re-application and get a determination on-line today for a different plan with a different premium: If they are determined eligible today and their current coverage goes until Dec. 31st…Do they stop paying the old coverage premium and start paying the new one before the […]