Author: Mary Leddy


What is going on with the over 65 MassHealth Unit? They are so behind in processing applications and I cannot reach them on the phone. When I call the Assister line it automatically switches me over to the regular Customer Service line where it either says “call volume high, call back later” or you are […]

Mary Leddy

We are still experiencing difficulty having people terminated from ConnectorCare plans when they go on Medicare. We have called the HC several times about a few cases and they are still getting premium bills. Even though they have already signed up for a Medicare Part D plan, the pharmacy is telling them to use their […]

Problems with mixed households where one spouse is over 65 & one is under 65

When clients are on ConnectorCare and turn 65 and Medicare begins the Health Connector is not automatically terminating the one spouse so the couple keeps getting bills stating they owe the premium for both of them. We have difficulty getting the Health Connector to remove the spouse who is now on Medicare and not make […]

Who can enroll in a Health Connector plan outside of the open enrollment period?

I was under the impression that self-employed people could apply anytime and enroll in a plan and were not subject to the open enrollment period.  I called the Health Connector to ask whether I would have to do the application through the “small business” application route for a self-employed client. He said I could just […]

ID match

When the online system cannot match someone’s ID it is not allowing us to continue with the application even though the client should have 90 days to verify. Other applications where they cannot verify the information they are just asking for “Required Documents” at the end of the application. This is really inconsistent. Why are […]