Author: Liz Sanchez

Revised SACA-2 fax number?

The revised SACA-2 application is now available (  The fax number on the application (Fax: 617-887-8799) is different than the fax number on the MTF slides (1-857-887-8799).  I assume we should use the fax number on the application but can we get clarification?  Thanks!  Liz Sanchez Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers 

IDP document processing time

Assisters have been reporting inconsistency with the processing time for IDP documents.  Some cases are processed within 48  hours but other cases have taken over 2 weeks.  CSRs say the documents need to be verified by a supervisor (we don’t know why??) but the documents aren’t processed, the account doesn’t get unlocked nor is the applicant notified […]

No MCD Notices?

Hi, I’ve been hearing from a number of assisters that they are finding applicants are not getting notified (nor are the assister/PSI) when their paper applications are missing critical data.  The applications are not getting processed or worked in any way and in some cases, the benefits have been terminated as a result.  The MassHealth MCD line […]

DOR9RENEW Automatic Reviews

Has anyone else seen DOR9RENEW automatic review notices that went to members late November?  What’s confusing is that we’ve seen cases where the member receives both the DOR9RENEW automatic review notice (and seems to have been renewed) and an Open Enrollment Packet with the ACA-3.  We don’t want to unnecessarily submit the ACA-3 but also don’t want coverage to be terminated.  Thanks!   […]

MassHealth upon release from jail

What is the recommended process to submit an application for an individual who is currently in jail or prison but will need health coverage (specifically MassHealth) upon release?  I know applications often get denied if they are submitted to far in advance of release so does anyone have tips or best practices for getting these applications processed?  Thanks!