Author: Lauren King

Assister portal – where to update start date?

Hi All, we are being told at MTF that we should update the health insurance start date to when someone is starting insurance. For instance, if the start date is 1/1/17, and they are enrolling today 1/24 and cannot start until 3/1/17, we should change the date. Can someone give us an idea of where […]

DDS Services

Hi All, I received an email from someone in NY (a Medicaid caseworker) and her consumer, who is moving back to MA, needs to get on MassHealth here as well as access a number of services through the Department of  Developmental Services (DDS). He is 18 and lives with his Mom who is on MassHealth. I […]

Old Address – Verification

Hi All  — I recently helped a couple who moved to MA from India within the last couple of months. After we completed the application online, the website listed verifications needed for both of them, and for the wife it listed Proof of Residency, as well as Proof of “Old Address”, which I’d never seen before. The examples given […]

Poor Customer Service at Portland Street

Hi, All – One of our Navigators worked with an individual who received his MassHealth paper renewal in the mail in February with an action date of 3/29. He did it himself in early March and received letters back on 3/10. MH determined him ineligible because of his income, but he was eligible for an […]

Updating Income with the Connector

Hi, All – Well before the beginning of open enrollment, we’ve heard repeatedly that when an individual or family member has a change in income, we should update the Connector. We did so by calling CSR, and they recommend cancelling their QHP and updating the application with their updated income – and hoping they qualified […]

Tried repeatedly to change MAILING address!

Hi all — We’ve tried to confirm several mailing addresses for individuals we have helped enroll in a plan. Despite several phone calls to the Connector asking them to send the invoice to the mailing address on file, they continue to send the invoices to the home address. We are working with fishermen and they […]