Author: Giselle Hernandez

Breaking News: Changes to MH Assister Line!!!

Hello Loopers, We are happy to announce that thanks to your amazing feedback MassHealth has decided to change the Assister Line procedures that went into effective in late September.   Your feedback was critical in advocating for MassHealth to reassess this change to best support the assister community and MassHealth members! Stay tuned for an update […]

Revised ACA-3 (July 2017) Made Fillable – Now Includes Spanish App

Hi Loopers,  The State has recently revised the ACA-3 application. These revisions were made in July 2017. As always, the In the Loop-Massachusetts Team has made the updated form into a fillable format (click here to view English application and click here to view Spanish version). You can find the latest versions of ACA-3 applications in the “State Resources” section […]

Breaking News: Connector Open Enrollment Announced!

Hello Loopers,  At today’s Health Connector Board Meeting, the 2017-2018 Health Connector Open Enrollment Period dates were announced!  Open Enrollment will run from November 1, 2017 – January 23, 2018! We will share any other details as they become available.  Onward, Giselle & Hannah The In the Loop – Massachusetts Team

Update: Revised Spanish and English ACA-3 are Now Fillable!

Hello Loopers,  The State recently released a revised ACA-3 English paper application. This revision was created in January, 2017.  As always, your In the Loop – Massachusetts Team has made the revised ACA-3 application into a fillable PDF! You can find it in the “State Resources” section of the site or click here to download it and use it.  […]

MassHealth Customer Service Center – Some Calls Not Getting Through

Hello Loopers, The MassHealth Customer Service Center (1-800-841-2900) is experiencing technical issues with incoming calls. Calls are not being properly transferred to the customer service representatives. MassHealth’s technical teams are working to troubleshoot and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.  Please post on this thread with any issues that you encountering when contacting the […]

Lessons from Open Enrollment & Suggestions for the Future

As we reflect on the challenges of the open enrollment period, it is important for the Health Connector and MassHealth to hear your ideas on how to make enrollment easier going forward. The In the Loop – Massachusetts team has been reporting issues throughout open enrollment, but we want to use our time now as […]

Looper of the Month: Beth Baker

Our first Looper of the Month is Beth Baker, a Navigator from the Boston Public Health Commission.  Beth just celebrated her anniversary as Navigator. She became passionate about public health when she was working as a legislative aide at the State House during Massachusetts Health Reform. She learned of the disparities and discrepancies that many face when seeking […]