Author: Dennis Scott

No intention of filing taxes

I was asked this question earlier today and, while I probably should know the answer, I do not and have been unable to find a definitive answer in any of the resources available. A single woman is approved for MassHealth Limited and Connector Care after submitting an application. She has not filed taxes previously and […]

Unlocking App giving birth to a new issue

Wondering if anyone has effectively dealt with this or a similar situation. Paper application filed. Mom and dad found eligible for Connector Care and have enrolled with an MCO and their two children are eligible for MH. About a month after application was filed mom now reports she is pregnant. Called MH to up-date as she is obligated […]

Conflicting information on mixed households

I am being told by our CACs that we are getting conflicting information from MassHealth on patients that have family households with under 65 and over 65 spouses.  When we complete the ACA3 APP we are being told we should have completed a SACA-2 over 65 application.  When we complete a SACA-2 over 65 app we are […]

paper applications and provisional eligibility

Does anyone know how the state intends to deal with provisional eligibility when a paper application is submitted? As I understand it, when you file an electronic application and send it in electronically you will receive provisional eligibility for up to 90 days if additional information is needed. Fine. If I file a paper application, […]