Author: Nancy Lorenz

Termination Notice Two Days Before Termination

My office received a MassHealth Termination Notice dated March 30th on April 11th.  The Termination was scheduled for April 13th, only two days later.  The envelope showed that the March 30th notice wasn’t mailed until April 8th.  Are other people seeing delays like this? This was a termination notice for failure to verify income (SSDI).

Termination for Failure to Provide Information

My office spoke with a woman today who said that she had received a notice that her Masshealth Limited and HSN were being terminated for failure to provide proof of her immigration status.  I have not seen the notice yet and she may have misunderstood it.  I am wondering if anyone else is hearing or seeing […]

Some Members with Disabilities were Terminated from MassHealth in Error

Have you seen MassHealth Standard members with disabilities who were terminated in March 2015 due to the SSDI cost of living increase?   The termination may have been an error. Every year in March, MassHealth implements new federal poverty level standards and then reviews financial eligibility for SSDI beneficiaries who received a cost of living increase […]