Author: Marcy Bailey

Proof of Income for Social Security

Is anyone else having issues with Social Security income not crossing in the system when doing applications?  When we enter the Social Security income, it is looking for proof ???  I don’t understand why…..This continues to be a barrier for patients getting insurance until we send in proof. I understand it having to be within the 10 % and all.  I […]

Needing proof of Social Security Income

We are getting pended MH applications online due to income verification for Social Security??? I don’t understand why this is not crossing in the system?  We are seeing this a lot and it is interfering with placing patients after discharge.  We are bending over backwards trying to assist patients with logging onto a Social Security […]

Inpatient process ?

Just curious to how other hospitals are handling the applications for Inpatients?  Up until now, we have submitted paper applications. We will call to expedite medically if necessary.  Are there any organizations out there using Ipads and/or Laptops bedside to submit applications and get real time determinations?  Looking for feedback from those of you that […]