Author: Jeancarlos

Online signature page error

Hello everyone, we have been having problems with submitting updates or applications online. Once we click “SUBMIT” on the signature page, a message “we are unable to process your application at this time. Please try again later” pops up. I tried several times to submit the application and it has not been working. Called MassHealth with patient […]

Could not add new born over the phone

Hello everyone, today I had a problem with a patient who I was assisting  in adding a new born child and according to the representative she couldn’t add the baby as the information the patient provided to confirm her identity did not match what the representative had on the screen. The patient provided the same information […]

Pregnant Patient wont get coverage through the HC as she is over 300%FPL

Hello CACs I had a pregnant patient today who could not enroll in a Health Connector plan as the household is “over the 300% FPL” according to the Rep. This is the first time Patient completes an ACA as she just arrived from overseas. Patient completed the application on 04/19/2016. Rep. stated the Pt. needs a Qualifying Life […]