Author: George Hastie

HSN Secondary with private insurance

Hi all, Happy Open Enrollment. My question is, “If a client has HSN secondary to a private insurance plan that has no deductible or co-insurance, will HSN cover the client’s medical visit co-pays?” According the, Health Safety Net for Patients, “HSN “does not pay for co-payments required by private insurance plans.”  In that case […]

Open Enrollment 2018 – dates have changed

Hi all, I just found out that MA Open Enrollment (OE) dates are November 1, 2017 – December 31, 2017. This is a month shorter than last year’s OE, and the current online guidance from the MA Health Connector: I was told by a MA Health Connector staffer this morning that no guidance of these revised dates […]

Will the MA Health Connector extend the December 23 deadline for January 1 coverage??

The deadline for enrolling for January 1 coverage using the federal exchange has been extended from December 15 to December 19. Will the MA Health Connector have an extension from the December 23 deadline? ———————————————————————————————————————– Extended Opportunity for January 1 Coverage: Sign Up by December 19 Because of the extraordinary volume of consumers contacting our call […]

ConnectorCare income limit for lawfully present immigrants

Has anyone heard about this policy before – that immigrants who are lawfully present but don’t qualify for MassHealth can get ConnectorCare if their income is under 100% FPL?  Does this mean they are not eligible for ConnectorCare if their FPL is over 100% FPL? From MA Health Care Training Forum notice today, December 30:  “The […]

ConnectorCare plans accepted by major hospitals and health centers

Hi all, I am planning to gather data on ConnectorCare plans (and carriers) accepted by specific major hospitals and health centers in preparation for Open Enrollment. Any ideas about the best way to go about doing this, i.e. the best department/staff to call at the hospital or health center?   Thank you in advance. George Hastie MA HIV […]