Author: Darhlene Titcomb


I enrolled a patient into BMC on 06.24.2019. I have confirmation that it was sent. My co-worker called MH today and they are telling her that they never received it. Who can I contact to help me determine where the information went. This patient really needs to have this insurance . Mass Health has been no […]


Is anyone having trouble getting into the assister portal? My coworker Imelda was on it this morning with a patient, when she tied to use it again it states we are not authorized to use this site. Is their and email address that we can use to try and get help/  We have talked to […]


Can a single parent that lives in Massachusetts apply for his children when they come to live with him for the summer months.  The children live in Arkansas and this year it will be his turn to  claim them on his  federal income tax. They have a subsidiary  from the state that they live in with the mother,and I […]