Author: Andrew Cohen

MassHealth is still improperly determining some lawfully present immigrants for only MH Limited/HSN

Hi all, I have a recent case where the individual was improperly enrolled in MH Limited and the HSN despite being clearly eligible for MassHealth Family Assistance based on immigration status (TPS), disability status (ESRD), and income level (under 100% FPL). See 130 CMR sec. 505.005(A)(5). My client and I appealed to the Office of […]

Online application difficulties among immigrants?

Health Law Advocates (HLA) would love to know more about the difficulties that navigators and CACs are experiencing with helping immigrants file online applications.  What barriers are people facing and what issues are arising?  In prior posts, people pointed out the following problems: 1) The website requests applicants to input a “citizenship number” or “naturalization number,” […]