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MassHealth Extends Postpartum Eligibility

MassHealth extends postpartum eligibility to provide 12 months of continuous postpartum coverage.  As a part of MassHealth’s efforts to address health disparities and advance health equity for our members, effective April 1, 2022, MassHealth has updated its eligibility policies to provide 12 months continuous postpartum coverage for those who qualify. This update is designed to […]

New! System Updates for the Online Application at

Assister Updates Important News for Certified Assisters In Massachusetts March 6, 2022 In this edition: New! System Updates for the Online Application at •             Reminder: Valid Nonimmigrant Visas •             Reminder: Regarding system updates for the Online Application at  •             Reminder: Beginning April 5, 2022, Certified Assisters require an additional security step to sign-in […]

MLRI Immigrant Benefit Training

MLRI: Immigrants & Public BenefitsBasic Public Benefits Advocacy TrainingsLive Webcast April 7 2022, 9:30 am-3 pm This is the link with program description, agenda, faculty & registration information: Here is a flyer:

Updated 3/16 – MLRI 2022 FPL Guidelines

MLRI released their 2022 FPL guidelines. This can be found on the ‘Issue Specific Resources‘ page under ‘Federal Poverty Level (FPL) Guidelines.’ MassHealth updates its income standards with the current year’s poverty level on March 1. The MassHealth 2022 Desk Guide which shows the upper income levels for MassHealth and Medicare Savings Programs as monthly […]

MassHealth Third Party Liability and Premium Assistance Contact Center Service Alert

MassHealth Third Party Liability and Premium Assistance Contact Center Service Alert   12/ 7– MassHealth’s Third Party Liability (TPL) and Premium Assistance (PA) call centers are experiencing technical issues impacting agents’ ability to answer calls at this time. The call center lines that are impacted include TPL (888-628-7526) and PA (800-862-4840). Our team is working urgently […]

Breaking News! Additional Benefits for Disabled Immigrants

As of 11/1 MassHealth will be providing additional benefits to immigrants with medical need. To ensure continued equitable access to health coverage regardless of a members’ immigration status, effective November 1, 2021, MassHealth will expand coverage of skilled nursing facility stays and community-based services for individuals on Family Assistance when the member meets a Nursing […]

Health Insurance for Afghan Arrivals

 Newly arriving Afghan immigrants are likely to have different statuses and documents than assisters are used to. The Afghan parole is a new kind of benefit eligibility category that was just created 9/30/2021, existing paper MassHealth/Health Connector application forms and the online application menus  do not yet show Afghan parole. We are waiting for guidance […]